Feb 5, 2010

And Now...

1- Did you hear? Vanity Fair Magazine picked some fresh faces to promote in 2010 and most were pale-faced anorexic blondies. They totally ignored Frida Pinto who might be the freshest face beauty I've ever seen in my life. They also ignored Precious star Gabourey Sidibe. Gabourey may not be 2010's version of "fresh-faced" but she certainly blows that Abby Cornish slut out of the water. (Anybody stepping on Reese better take heed!) Check out the story here.

2- Did you hear? Maniac Mel Gibson is at it again. When a local Chicago reporter asked him if he thought the public had "moved on" from his anti-semetic/drunk-driving incident Moody Mel said yes and then under his breath called the reporter an A$$-hole.  Funny thing is, the cameras were still rolling. Mel- You are as Kristen Cavallari would say, "DUNZOOOO."  Check out the story here.

3-Did you hear? Toyota is saying they have the future of the automobile industry by the balls.  Or wait, I mean by the brakes.  Screeeeeeeech!  Yes, as you all know Toyotas across America are getting recalled and John Stewart had everything to say about it two nights ago. Check out the story here.

4- Did you hear? I thought LOST sucked. I was sooo disappointed in the opening show of the final season!  What was that Mr. McLosty thinking! I wanted some answers and you just sunk me deeper into the Tuesday Headache I call LOST! To find out more about the show every geek and their mother is talking about click here.

5- Did you hear? Smores is having a contest!  100 starbucks to the person who leaves a comment, subscribes, and follows me till the end of time.  Yes! I'm talking to YOU!

Have a marshmallowy weekend!


  1. Just as I thought... Lost stinks... LOL!

    Have a great Smore filled weekend

  2. Have a great weekend! ;)

  3. 1) boo for vanity fair... don't get me started cuz we could get a thesis on this one.

    2) ugh... once an anti-semete, always a anti-semite. that caca-head never ceases to amaze me.

    3) on a more positive note, SMORES FOR BREAKY RUUUULES!!!

  4. Really about Lost?? That sucks! It's one of those shows that I keep meaning to rent and catch up on- I;m bummed to hear that!


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