Feb 5, 2010

And Now...

1- Did you hear? Vanity Fair Magazine picked some fresh faces to promote in 2010 and most were pale-faced anorexic blondies. They totally ignored Frida Pinto who might be the freshest face beauty I've ever seen in my life. They also ignored Precious star Gabourey Sidibe. Gabourey may not be 2010's version of "fresh-faced" but she certainly blows that Abby Cornish slut out of the water. (Anybody stepping on Reese better take heed!) Check out the story here.

2- Did you hear? Maniac Mel Gibson is at it again. When a local Chicago reporter asked him if he thought the public had "moved on" from his anti-semetic/drunk-driving incident Moody Mel said yes and then under his breath called the reporter an A$$-hole.  Funny thing is, the cameras were still rolling. Mel- You are as Kristen Cavallari would say, "DUNZOOOO."  Check out the story here.

3-Did you hear? Toyota is saying they have the future of the automobile industry by the balls.  Or wait, I mean by the brakes.  Screeeeeeeech!  Yes, as you all know Toyotas across America are getting recalled and John Stewart had everything to say about it two nights ago. Check out the story here.

4- Did you hear? I thought LOST sucked. I was sooo disappointed in the opening show of the final season!  What was that Mr. McLosty thinking! I wanted some answers and you just sunk me deeper into the Tuesday Headache I call LOST! To find out more about the show every geek and their mother is talking about click here.

5- Did you hear? Smores is having a contest!  100 starbucks to the person who leaves a comment, subscribes, and follows me till the end of time.  Yes! I'm talking to YOU!

Have a marshmallowy weekend!

Feb 4, 2010

Peter Pan Shadow

We're busy pouring our morning coffee
while Oliver gets busy with his shadow.

Feb 3, 2010

Consider Yourself Dumped!

Dear Equinox Fitness Club,

This past Sunday I dumped you. 

You were so hard to spend time with. 

I mean, we hardly hung out so what kind of relationship could I expect with you? I mean, I hated visiting you. Your decorating skills assaulted my senses and quite frankly, I thought your bathrooms were moldy and gross. I felt like you cost me too much money and you didn't give me much in return. 

You caused me inordinate stress. When I saw you while out walking I changed my path. Our relationship made me shutter, shutter, shutter.

So let me ask you this Mr. Impossible Relationship-

Why when I called to dump you over the phone did you force me to come by in person? I wanted to avoid confrontation and you wouldn't have it! 

It's just like you to be difficult. 

When I summoned the courage to visit you why did you subject me to 2 interviews, a contractional agreement of separation and a 45-day probation period? Why drag this out?

Fine. You want to know the truth? I'll tell you the truth.

I've found someone new.  

I was first attracted over a year ago but was too intimidated to do anything about it. I'm happier than I've been in years and I have found muscles I've never used before. After only one time I see a difference in my whole being. My skinny jeans mock me no more. 

Yup, you heard me loud an clear. 

Buh-bye Equinox Fitness Club. Consider us broken up.

Hello Physique 57! 

You are my new love and I look forward to getting to know you better!


S'mores for Breakfast has decided to have a little contest. If there's one thing I've learned is that raising children is hard work. Sleepless nights combined with early mornings, will age anyone at least 10 years. I've come to rely on coffee more than showers over the past 16 months. And I feel like passing on a little bit of the love.

S'mores is giving away a $100 Starbucks gift card to someone who does ALL of the following:

1- Subscribe to S'mores.
2- Follows S'mores
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A winner be drawn using Random.org and announced on S'mores Friday, February 12 . *You will be given one extra entry every timeyou leave a comment on the S'mores blog page and every timeyou tweet about the contest. So be sure to leave lots of comments and to tweet often!

Feb 2, 2010

Red light. Red Light. Red Light. Green Light.

How did you spend your Saturday?

I can tell you how Oliver spent his...in time out.

He climbed the highchair...
BZZZZZ! Time out. 2 minutes.

He erased the messages on the answering machine...
BZZZZZ! Time out. 2 minutes.

He climbed onto the tv stand and tried to pull the flat screen down...
BZZZZZ! Time out. 2 minutes.

He threw his time out timer across the room...
BZZZZZ! Time out. 2 minutes.

I think he was acting like such a maniac was because it was 20 degrees outside and our indoor playground was closed. There was no place for the boy to run around and get rid that energy. So when it was 6:45pm, and he grabbed his moisturizer bottle and pumped all of the lotion onto the floor while laughing hysterically, I pretended not to see.

Everyone deserves a time-in, right?

Feb 1, 2010

24/7 365 Days Later.

As adults we may not notice just how fast time goes by 
or how far we come each year.

Looking back at these pictures teaches me 
to be grateful for every single day.

You've come a long way baby.