Jan 13, 2009

The Old Thermometer Trick...

It was awful.

We traveled to Minneapolis to visit my in-laws for Christmas.  

Even though it was a high of zero degrees everyday, Oliver had a wonderful time hanging out with his grandparents, playing with his Aunt and Uncles, and bonding with his new best friend Buck, the best golden retriever in the world.

So what could be so awful?


The poor boy just couldn't get his engine started.  Monday passed.  Tuesday passed.  And then Wednesday came.  After 20 minutes of Oliver bearing down with all his might, all we got was one little goose turd.  He was cranky, out of sorts and all together uncomfortable.

Brett and I decided we had to step up and help our little boy get his engine running.  We are parents right? So we pulled out the thermometer and stuck it in. Yes that's right. That's what we did.  He didn't seem to mind but boy did I feel terrible.  

Ironically, I know this is only the beginning.

There are going to be so many things throughout Oliver's life when I'm going to just have to bite my tongue. I will have to do exactly what I don't want to do simply because it will provide him with some relief.  

Needless to say, a couple of hours later the goose turds turned into the the normal lovelyness and Oliver was lighter in spirit and in body. I felt like a million bucks.

My my how life has changed. 


  1. We haven't used the thermometer trick on our 4 month old boy yet. But there was discussion before we did it on our now 2 year old daughter.

    It ended up helping our daughter...hope it provides relief!

  2. Poor guy! Perhaps he will learn to not get too constipated in the future!

  3. Oh, poor kid. Mine always have the opposite problem which is no fun either. Ugh!


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