Jan 11, 2009

Economy getting to celebs?

I'm sitting here watching the Globes and all I can say is wow.  

Apparently the economy has spared no one because celebrity has never looked worse. 

Shame on:

Renee Zellweger: What???? Wait, really???

Zac Efron: You look better coming from the gym.

Sally Field: Did you just walk off the set of your Boniva commercial?  

Kevin Bacon and Colin Farrell: Lose the gel shit in your hair.

Drew Barrymore's hair: Uncomfortable to look at. You're not Marilyn. 

J.LO: Your opening golden outfit looks like the Oscar you'll never get.

Anne Hathaway:  Get out of your dark room and discover the sun.  

Amy Adams:  That dress?  Really? 

Brooke Burke:  It's time to make friendly with your aging self.

Tina Fey: This should have been your year.

Kudos to:

Bragelina: Always lovely to look at, even if you are a home wrecker.

Amy Poehler: You look fab for just having a baby! Share your secret.

Kate Winslet: Beautiful and gracious.

Jon Hamm: You are gorgeous.

Emma Thompson: Elegance defined.

Alec Baldwin: I'm always and forever a fan.

I watch to be inspired.
This year I can't even watch.


  1. Didn't catch the Globes...but the red carpet was hideous.

  2. I agree 100%. The only one who really wow'me was Kate Winslet. Emma Thompson was totally elegant as well.
    And, Renee? WTF? Drew was just a shame-- the dress was pretty, but the hair/make-up? Ugh!!


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