Jan 19, 2009

Sunday stroll around the neighborhood...

Yesterday, Brett went for a run.

He was gone for a long time... longer than his usual jaunt. Just when I was starting to worry about him he burst through the doors insisting I've GOT to go down to Greenwich Street. He said everybody in the neighborhood is there, the police, the fire department and every news van in the city. So, I threw Oliver into the stroller and walked the few short blocks. And there it was.

The US Airways Jet that landed in the Hudson was sitting there. Just 50 yards from me on the lawn where my husband and I relax in the summer and play Scrabble. The engine is ripped off and while it's very obvious the plane is not in the best shape it is definitely and impressively intact. It is a shocking sight. Especially when it's sitting in your neighborhood's backyard.

I hope Sully gets himself front row ticket to tomorrow's inauguration. If anyone deserves it more than Bono, it's definitely Pilot Sully.

Here's a picture of Oliver with the "Miracle Plane" behind him.


  1. That's a great photo. And Oliver is a cutie.

  2. I totally have chills whenever I read coverage of that. I want a private plane and I want Sully in the cockpit.

  3. now that is pretty cool!!!

  4. Found you through mom dot.
    That is crazy!!! The picture is priceless!!!

  5. Why was he running? In NYC? In the winter?


  6. Oliver is gonna love that picture when he gets bigger. That is total show-and-tell bait!

    I'm pretty sure that's the same lawn F & I used to sit on when she was studying for finals.


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