Jan 23, 2009

Things that make you go Hmm....

For those of you who don't know me personally, I am a passionate reader. 

Reading has always been something that I can always count on to clear my mind, teach me new things and hell, just relax. I collect books like lip glosses. I seriously believe you can never have enough of either. It's hard for me to replace my current favorites, but when I do, if you're a bestie of mine, you can be sure I'll be gifting you that book in the near future. I do the same thing with lip glosses.

Anyway, I stopped in Barnes & Noble with Oliver this afternoon and meandered my way toward the kids section. While I don't need another kids book (Oliver is only 4 months old) I firmly believe a child cannot have enough of Shel Silverstein, Leo Leoni, or Dr. Suess.

That's when I saw it. And my reaction was...Holy Hell...wtFFFF.

There were, no joke, 60 strollers in the middle of the store.  I was sure there was an event taking place so I kept walking to check it out.  

Now I know Tribeca is the new family central in NYC, but I was not ready for the 100 or so kids under the age of 3, running around like they were on sugar-coated crack.  They were tearing apart toys, teaching themselves to walk and emptying book after book off the shelf and eating them. 

Where was the supervision? 

In the corners, in the shelf aisles and all along the floor, as it was in high school, there were cliques of nannies socially organized by race and geographical location. 

First of all I noticed these nanny's are NOT focusing on watching the child they are being paid to care for. They are eating and gossiping and talking on their phones.  I know. I eves-dropped on like 7 of them.

Second, what about the store's poor employees! Can you imagine yourself having to clean up after this mob goes home? I asked an employee if this happens everyday and she sighed and said yes. Oh shit what a crappy job.

And finally, I left thinking that B&N could be the most unsanitary place in the world now that I know every book has been in the sticky mouthes and fingers of every babe in the neighborhood. Talk about a place to get sick.

So what are the options?  

Work and leave your new baby with a nanny? Or stay at home and give up a few years of your career life? 

It's a tough call, and I'm finding myself caught smack dab in the middle.


  1. Ewwww, that sounds like hell. What is wrong with people? Those poor employees!

  2. I am wondering if the parents have any idea this is how little Prissy or Peter spends his/her day. And it is never too early to amass a large library!

  3. If you can afford it, stay home as much as possible. You have the rest of your life to work. I am ols and wise. BTW, you are so darling!

  4. Hi! I just randomly stumbled upon your site...and I have to say I love the name!

    on a side note...if i were an employee at that store i would fake a sickness and get the heck out of there. hahaha. you don't go to work thinking you're going to be monitoring a playground, especially when work is a bookstore. haha i bet they were super thrilled.

  5. The same thing happens at every B&N in the city. It certainly does at the one at Union Square. Nightmare. I keep tripping over strollers and kids and the nannies keeping half an eye on the children.

    Have you been to Books of Wonder? So much better.


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