Mar 11, 2009

Scoreboard competition...

Think you're funny? Prove it.

1: Come up with a hilarious story explaining the picture above.
2: Post it in the comments section below.

You could win a million dollars the satisfaction
of being the funniest person in the blogosphere.

I wish I had something to giveaway, but mainly,
I'm looking to laugh my ass off.

I'll announce the winner and their winning caption
next Tuesday with a shout out to their blog.

Don't be shy!


  1. 4:40 am, Alexis and Brett have been sent to a timeout 6 times, while Oliver is behaving!

  2. Brett and Alexis have chased a newly crawling Oliver up the stairs 6 times now and Oliver has made it all the way up once! He has been missing for 4:40...........where is the baby?!!!!
    I dont know if he's able to crawl yet, just came to mind!!!

  3. Oh, I vote for the first comment cuz I have me a case of bloggy block!

  4. Alexis and Brett had said to Oliver, "time-out kiddo" 6 times, and they both have not scored once because she has her period, not once, twice, but three times this month, while Oliver has scored 1 big dookie and said to parents, "kiss my stinky butt, I'm a baby, I do what I want", and stays up until 4:40 in the am.

    ... or something like that : )


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