Mar 13, 2009


Well, it has been a slow/fast week for me. I mean slow because I left my brain in St. Thomas. I mean fast because besides bumping into Jennifer Connelly at Whole Foods time passed me by this week. I got very little done and yet I am exhausted.

It sounds insane but Oliver is holding a major grudge against Brett and I for leaving the beach and coming back to NYC. Oliver, usually a fabulous sleeper, decided to fully wake up at 4 am and scream straight through until 7am. Nothing was wrong with him at all. I checked. He was dry, he wasn't hungry, he wasn't teething, he just wanted to play. We, seeing as it was 4 in the morning, just wanted to sleep. We are believers in Ferberization, so I had to grab my pillow and blanket and sleep on the couch because my heart can't bear the crying. And that's the story behind the scoreboard.

Doublebanker: You win my contest. Not only were you funny, but you were also the first to respond. I appreciate the support! You rock!

Nicole: Totally possible. In fact, I think Oliver wants to crawl so badly that when he realizes he can't he gets truly frustrated. Once he gets going we're in big trouble!

Porkstar- though your funny, you're sick.

Mom- I can't wait to see you next week!

So without a moment further, here is the week in review.
Please agree with me comment away.

1- Bernie Madoff: I want to be clear. This guy is a complete crook and should rot in jail for robbing people blind. But I do not understand why sooooo many intelligent people put every cent of theirs in one place. Haven't they heard the term diversify? Have they ever heard of banks? Bonds? When investing in the market, you're supposed to be aggressive when you're young, and grow conservative over the years. I hate Madoff for ripping off so many older people who were convinced they didn't know better when they really did. I also hate him because he ruined my morning walk yesterday because my neighborhood was filled with helicopters from every news station, reporters asking passerby's their thoughts, and angry victims waiting for the judges sentence.

2- Rhianna and her beater boyfriend: I don't know how else to say this, so pardon my french. I CAN'T FUCKING BELIEVE SHE WENT BACK TO HIM. Yes, they are both kids. (He's 19 and she's 21.) But I swear if any guy I ever dated laid a hand on me, not only would he be less two balls but I would never EVER go back to him. What's just as pathetic is there is a poll out saying many female high school students think RiRi deserved to be beat up because she probably said something to set him off. WTF! Where are her friends, managers and family telling her NO NO NO? Memo to Mama's: Teach your daughters to have self-esteem.

3-The Best Revenge: Melissa did a fabulous job stepping in for Nancy O'Dell on Dancing with the Stars. What's his name and big-eyed Molly are soooo green with envy. Though I'm not sure what Melissa will do after hanging out with a bunch of d-listers, at least she looks fantastic and feels better after such a public humiliation. I hope she wins.

4-Fun Fact: This is the second month in a row that we have a Friday the 13th!

Have a wonderful weekend!
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  1. Fabulous review! I don't even need to watch the news.

  2. You are as good as Jon Stewart! Great review!

  3. G-R-R-R-E-A-T review. Your writing style is hilarious. You should be syndicated.(or whatever)
    Don't take a day off. again!!

  4. Alexis, I couldn't agree more on the RiRi vs Asshole Boyfriend thing. I lived with an ex-boyfriend and he got mad one day and put his fist through a cabinet in the kitchen. In less than an hour I was packed and out of there. How any female sticks around for more of that, I have no idea. And Bernie Madoff? May he rot in hell.

  5. First of all, I am so impressed with your strength regarding Oliver. I am such a pushover. They're always like that after vacations and it's so not cool!

    And, loved the review as usual. The Rhianna situation just makes me sick. Blech!!

  6. I can't believe Rhianna either and I'm so happy for Melissa too. Looking good is the best revenge and I'm rooting for her too.

    I'd be holding a grudge for leaving St. Thomas too but I'm sure Oliver will adjust soon :)

  7. awww man, didn't win nuffin... boo hoo

    : ) It was fun though lol

  8. I can't believe Rihanna either. What is she thinking?

  9. Hey,
    This is my 1st time on your Blog, I worked my way through blog world from Evil's to find you.. Just wanted to say I enjoy the blog and keep it up..


  10. Shit I missed you in the last couple weeks I was um, ignoring the blog world, including my own.

    So kids and babies take at least a full week before they get back to normal after ANY kind of vacation. Yup, sucky, I know.

    LOVE the scoreboard are so creative!!

    xoxo k

  11. I could never let my kids cry it out. I'm a puss when it comes to that. Good for you, is it working??? Welcome back to reality looking forward to reading you again.

  12. I've missed you and your blog the past few weeks. I hope everything is okay.

  13. Alexis, I'm missing you, honey. Is everything OK? I hope you come out and play again soon...

  14. I should just get my insider info from you. With 3 young boys watching the news just doesn't happen.

  15. Hey,
    I enjoy the blog, keep it up


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