Jan 13, 2010

It has happened.

I said it would never happen to me, and yet, it has.
I tried. I tried really, really hard, but in the end there was no avoiding it.
The best thing for me to do now is to roll with it.

Can you relate?
Has it happened to you too?
Did you try like hell to fight against it, but in the end raised your little white flag?

Do you know what I'm talking about?

I know you do.

Yup, the yoga pants, the Converse gym shoes, the tank top paired with a long sleeve t-shirt?

Not with me yet? Okay I'll just say it flat out. The Mom-iform.

We roll out beds at 7am, throw our hair into a ponytail and shimmy into our yoga pants. As we walk to greet our young ones in their rooms, we pull down the tank and the tee. Phew. We did it. We got dressed.

The thing is, this way of dressing is functional. And with the help of stores like Lululemon, it's not as droopy of a look as it used to be. The way I justify it is that everyone dresses for their job.

Bankers wear ties.
Doctors wear scrubs.
Moms and Yoga teachers wear yoga pants.

I'm not going to be dressing like an exercise teacher forever, after all, I won't have to chase Oliver for the rest of my life. Things will normalize and I will once more slip into my kitten heals.

But as for now, Chuck Taylors remain part of my ensemble.


  1. Katie KaiserJanuary 13, 2010

    It's scary that I have the exact same outfit on. I don't have converse and I only have one pair of yoga pants since they seem non essential since I lost my job, any extra funds go to the baby stuff. The scariest thing? I learned that the tag should be on the left for the pants to be on in the proper direction. Since I am still getting up about twice a night, this helps facilitate dressing in the dark!

  2. So funny Katie! I swear I see mom's all day in the exact same outfit. At first it was distressing but now I feel it's like how doctors all wear scrubs!

  3. I only wear yoga pants in the house - when I leave, I change into jeans and I don't even own a pair of tennis shoes. I wear the mocs from Land's End or Vera Wang(from Kohl's). I don't think the Mom-iform has made it here yet, or maybe I just don't pay enough attention! LOL.

  4. Yoga pants are hot!

    (I'm just sayin')


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