Feb 27, 2010

A game I refuse to play...

Oliver is all about creating games these days.

I was cleaning up the kitchen last week and looked up to find Oliver staring at me hard.  The moment our eyes connected he laughed hysterically and dove behind the island. Two minutes later he was there again waiting for me to "catch him looking." I was more than happy to participate in his game, but there is one game that I will not play.

Every morning at 6am we wake to a hard thud.  

Then another, another and another. 

After the thuds come the moans.  

The moans turn to cries. 

And then by 6:45, the cries are full on screaming. 

We walk in at 7am to find the lovies, soft books and blankets we put in his crib to keep him happy in a big pile on the floor.

He stares longfully at them.

Then when we walk in he looks at us like it's our fault his friends are on the floor.

At school they don't punish bad behavior, rather they introduce them to "natural consequences." 

The first times he tossed his friends out of the crib I immediately gave him them back. 

5 minutes later, I heard thuds again and realized this was his latest and greatest game.

This is not a game he's going to want to keep playing as I refuse to play.


  1. Katie KaiserFebruary 28, 2010

    You need black-out shades on those windows!

  2. i know..i know...But we're moving out in a few months so we'll get blackout shades in the next place!

  3. Nina BadzinMarch 03, 2010

    Alexis! All of my kids have done this . . . Elissa (the youngest) is doing it now. Stay strong. Don't put the stuff back in the crib! ;)


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