Feb 24, 2010

Hair Always Grows Back.

The Situation
It was pouring down hurricane style rain all yesterday in NYC. 
We had no plans in the afternoon and I didn't feel like getting drenched. 
So, we were stuck inside all afternoon like caged animals.

The Problem
I was bored.

The Solution
I was going to give Oliver a haircut.

The Known Issues
1- I don't know how to cut hair.
2- Oliver is a young toddler who can't sit still.
 3- Large shiny objects such as kitchen sheers attract his attention.

The Result
You tell me.
My husband wants to kill me. 
I think Oliver does too.

The Aftermath
I will never again attempt to play salon with my own child.


  1. Oh he is still cute as can be!

  2. Gotta be careful doing that!!

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  5. You know how your mom (almost) always returns to her stylist (aka the scene to the crime) for a redo? Oliver may have to take a tip from his grandmother.

  6. Grammie JillFebruary 24, 2010

    Advise OLIVER...that under no circumstances should he give THAT cutter a 2nd chance!

  7. Lloyd Christmas!!!!!

  8. You know ... it doesn't look so bad! I like picture #2. Nice work. That said, I don't see myself coming to your apartment for a trim:)

  9. Awwwwww, I have so done that before. I actually cut Lily BANGS when she was two. They took a YEAR to grow out. I will never touch her hair again.


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