Jan 9, 2009

My New York...

...is where I moved to with my boyfriend into a 650 sqare foot apartment.

...is where I got engaged over a black and white cookie.

...is Tribeca.

...is working in the Flat Iron Building.

...is using the oven to store my wedding gifts.

...is brunch at Odeon, dinner at Ed's Lobster Bar, cupcakes at Magnolia, drinks at Spring Lounge and late night tacos at La Esquina.

...is where I live with my husband and baby in the same 650 square foot apartment.

...is walking the Brooklyn Bridge instead of the treadmill to lose the baby weight.

...is using the oven to store clothes my baby has outgrown.

...is down and dirty, disgusting Duane Reade.

...is Jon Stewart and Jim Cramer for entertainment.

...is Law and Order outside my building.

...is Udon, Pastrami, Paninis and Pasta sold at every deli.

...is humid summers, amazing falls, mild winters and perfect springs.

...is the 456 line.

...is Gourmet Garage for a Saturday afternoon snack.

...is Juan, Al and Sal.  The very best doorman a girl could ask for.

...is homeless men asking if the sandwich you are offering has mustard on it.  Because if it does, they don't want it.

...is sharing the pole on the subway with a 2 hispanic men, a french woman, 3 hasidic teenagers, an older chinese woman, a russian NYU student and a 9 month pregnant woman from the Bronx.

...is the best thing that ever happened to me.  


  1. Just found your blog and I'm jealous of your NYC apartment.
    If you haven't tried sugar Sweet sunshine bakery in LES yet, you should go, their cupcakes are way better than Magnolia. Check it out: http://kitchengraffiti.blogspot.com/2008/09/new-york-citys-sweet-sweet-cupcakes.html

  2. Still want to visit NY...couldn't imagine that small of an apartment though. Where would you put the pool table? :)

    Good ad placement too... ;)

  3. I love sweet sunshine bakery! I especially love their chocolate chip cookies! Amazing!

  4. Better you than me!! I love NY for about an hour, and then I'm ready to come home!! But, nowhere else in the world can you get an ice cream sundae delivered at 2am. It is amazing. And, when I heard you moved there I thought it was perfect for you. :)


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