Jan 1, 2009

Old Man Gas

My Oliver is 3 months old and he has old man gas. The sound is unmistakable and the smell is shockingly rancid.

Recently, we traveled to Chicago to visit my parents and give them time with their new grandson. As the visit came to an end, it became clear that my husband's work was going to rev up considerably so I decided to stay an extra week. Unfortunately that meant I would be traveling home to NYC by myself.

The night before I headed to the airport I had everything organized perfectly. I knew where every single toy, bottle, diaper and burp cloth was so I could grab it within seconds.

I gate checked the stroller and the car seat, boarded holding my babe in my arms and within seconds the plane's engine lured Oliver into a deep sleep. This was going to be a piece of cake.

An hour and a half into the flight however, while still in a peaceful adorable slumber, Oliver ripped some gas. It was loud. And the person sitting next to me definitely heard. He tried to ignore it. Oliver then let two more fly and the person in the aisle seat heard it too. They both looked at me thinking I was the one who had assaulted their air space. It was awful. Sour, foul, disgusting. And yet, Oliver, still lay sleeping and snoring away.

When the people in my row started looking at me I pointed to Oliver saying he was the one who ripped the gas and how isn't it funny such a bad smell can be produced by someone so teeny tiny? They thought it was awful that I blamed the smell on my innocent, angelic sleeping baby.

But it was him.

I hope when I'm 100 years old and I unknowingly toot, Oliver graciously takes the blame for me as I did for him.


  1. Our sweet little guy (who is not yet 2.5) has now learned the word, "gas" and is all too happy to tell everyone when he has it or to simply use the word even when he doesn't. In fact, on a plane ride earlier this week, he turned to the woman next to him and quietly but proudly said, "my gas."

    Good luck with blogging.

  2. LOL! It's amazing the odors that escape their precious little bodies. Just wait until he starts solids!

  3. So funny! You gals are my first comments! Thank you!!!!! This is so fun!

  4. I love your blog! Great idea and Im thrilled for you guys and cant wait to meet your gorgeous baby!! I so respect your decision to relish in the layoff!! Molly

  5. hilarious. totally been there. my daughter pooped herself something fierce with about 30 mins remaining on a flight into LaGuardia. Due to the seatbelt sign being on, we couldn't go to the bathroom and change her. We were the least popular people within a 10-row radius.....

  6. oh no! my heart goes out to anyone in that situation!!!

  7. You brought tears to my eyes and I think I totally snorted! I too have a 3 month old and from the moment we had him he has had unbelievable gas. Family can't believe that something that loud could come from an infant. Thankfully I have not had to sit there and grin and bear it with strangers... my heart goes out to you!


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