Jan 3, 2009

September in the Subway

New York is the worst city in the world to be expecting.  There's just no hope here.

My last trimester was July, August and September, the hottest and sweatiest months of the year. The humidity was unbearable, the smells were everywhere and getting anywhere was nearly impossible. 51 pounds heavier, I spent those last months perched on top of any air conditioner that would have me.

For my morning commute I would taxi to work.  I wanted to stay as fresh for as long as possible. By the end of the day however, my mascara had slid off my face and the oil slick on my t-zone was a lost cause. I figured I'd hike the 30 steps to the subway below because it couldn't get much worse.

But it could and it did. It was on the subway that all men averted my eyes pretending not to see me so they wouldn't have offer me a seat.  I'm talking about well-to-do men, the kind of men that wear suits to work, the kind of men that have wives and children at home, the kind of men who know better.

And the women! They weren't much better. But I justified their behavior thinking when they were pregnant no one got up for them, so why should they get up for me?

The capper was that my final stop was Canal Street.

For those of you who don't Canal Street, it is the worst street in New York City.  Due to all the fish markets it smells simply disgusting in the summer.  Tourists mob the corners desperate to buy Louis Vutton suitcases, Prado sunglasses and Kate Spode purses.  Hell, if you're in the market for a Ralex watch, I'm sure you can find one on Canal Street.  After 11 hours of work followed by fighting my way past the crowds you can only imagine how pissed off I was by the time I got home.

I decided to take the subway home one final time on my last day of work.

As usual, no one offered me a seat.  9 months pregnant, a hot and sweaty mess, I felt like I was going to pass out. Suddenly a voice from the crowd spoke out and asked me if I would like to sit down. I looked up to see the man who had been so thoughtful, so gracious.

There he was.  My knight in shining...rags. 

Yes, my savior of the subway was a homeless man.  He told me I looked like I could use a seat.

New York is the best city in the world to be expecting.  There's nothing but hope here.


  1. Oh, God, that's pathetic!! I despise public transportation under normal conditions, but that sounds unbearable. And there is NO excuse not to give up a seat to a pregnant woman. Assholes.

  2. i knows it! I wish I had a car. I wish I wish I wish!


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