Feb 12, 2009


I'm a baby. 

And never has it been more obvious that I need to grow up than when my parents came to visit this week from Chicago. 

You see, I have the worlds best parents. They are the most loving, the most hilarious, the most generous and the most thoughtful people in the world. And besides Brett, they know me better than anyone in this whole world.

I began counting down the minutes to their arrival from the second they told me they were visiting. It was nothing short of heaven watching my dad make Oliver laugh in ways I've never seen before. He must have boinked himself on the head with the newspaper 300+ times because with every boink Oliver burst into an endless fit of giggles. And, at Whole Foods, he made every squash, banana and carrot into a new and exciting friend for Oliver to meet. 

My mom was no slacker in the grandparent department either. She crawled on the floor, danced around the apartment, gave endless kisses and read Oliver every book in the apartment. My favorite was when Oliver watched her drink her coffee. He was so interested! 

Let's just say, they've got the grandparent gig down perfectly.

Here's the thing... while I was so obviously excited for my parents to see how much Oliver has grown, I actually secretly couldn't wait to see them for my own selfish reasons. 

I desperately wanted a giant bear hug from my dad and to have my mom play with my hair. 

I fully realize this sounds crazy because:

1) I'm 30-something years old.
2) I'm a wife.
3) I'm four months into being a mom myself.

But you see, that's just the plain old truth. I just couldn't wait to see my mommy and daddy. 

In fact my favorite time of the whole visit was after we put Oliver to sleep and I got to hang out in my apartment with them. You know why? Because I became the baby again.  

They left yesterday. And yes, I cried, like...well, a baby. I really pray I can be the kind of mama to Oliver that my parents have always been to me.

I know...I've clearly got some growing up to do.


  1. You are all so lucky to have each other! I don't think that makes you a baby. Although maybe you should change out of those footed jammies.

  2. You're very lucky to have that! You're not a baby, just well loved! I can tell already that you will be awesome to Oliver! LOVED the paart of new squash, banana friends!

  3. You always seemed to have the most special relationship with your parents. It's wonderful!! And after babying other people 24/7, it's nice to get some yourself!

  4. I don't think you need to grow up at all. I'm totally jealous of you. My mom wouldn't put me out if I was on fire! There's nothing wrong with still being their baby.

  5. I love the footed jammies...very stylish too.

  6. I'm married and all but my mom still buys my underwear and the wife the tshirts.. nothing wrong with that : )

  7. Really enjoyed your
    Confessions of a Babaholic!
    Sounds like your parents are
    Your parents

  8. ha- thanks mom and dad. glad you enjoyed this blog. And no swears in it either! you must be so proud.

  9. This is so cool!!!!! They do sound like the best grandparents because I have to admit, my parents are NOT like that at all. My mom more so. I don't think my mom has ever gotten on the floor to play with my son. She is just not that way and the sad thing is their relationship had suffered at first because of it. He is 5 now so he doesn't expect it but he has a much better relationship with my in laws. It's all good BUT I have seen both sides so it's awesome your parents are like that with your child.

  10. I think it is sweet...never grown up... I keep trying to tell my kids they will always be my babies no matter how old/big they get... Just like I am mormor & pepas baby... Now I am homesick


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