Feb 13, 2009

The Week in Review 001

So, just like Oprah, I'm going to have "The Week in Review Fridays." This will consist of me telling you my opinions on this weeks headlines. Right about now my mother is thinking, "Oh no. Heeeeere we go." And you know what? She's right. So let's get going.

#1- The Michael Phelps Apology:

I'm sorry but if I have to hear this poor guy apologize for partying it up just one more time I'm going to personally send him a six pack of Bud. He just got done representing America on the world's stage with grace and integrity. God forbid he scratch an itch and try what most 15 year olds do every weekend in high school! Phelps never had time for a girlfriend, probably never went to his prom, and for sure never crashed a college kegger. I think the guy is entitled to a little debauchery. And now Kelloggs revokes his sponsorship? What a load of hypocritical bullshit. Hey Kelloggs, did you take away Michael Jordan's sponsorship when he cheated on his wife or got in trouble with his little gambling habit? The true ass hole in this situation is the guy who had the chance to party with Phelps and then turned around and sold him out by selling those pics to the tabloids.

#2- The insane Nadya Suleman:

Okay. Normally I don't give a hoot about what people do with their own bodies. It's quite frankly none of my business. But this...this...this is the most sick woman I've ever seen. Delusional doesn't even cut it. DCFS, really, please knock on her door and take those kids to homes where they can be raised by sane people. I know so many people who want children who are responsible, loving and selfless adults. It breaks my heart that this woman is fulfilling her own weird fetish rather than thinking of what's best for the poor kids she just birthed. And now she is looking for endorsements from companies and donations from the public? She thinks she's going to be the next John and Kate + 8! Have you seen her website? Don't get me started on the taxpayers of California having to foot the bill for her!

Memo to Crazywoman: Dogs have 8 puppies at a time, not humans.

#3- The Stimulus Package:

I can't imagine a more shitacious job in the world right now than being President of the United States. Don't get me wrong, I'm psyched Obama is in office, but I do hope people understand that he's trying to fix some pretty huge problems and cut him a little slack. Already he's done more in a month than Bush did his entire presidency. The problem is congress doesn't understand economics and all the economists are corrupt. So who is supposed to really fix this mess? Oy. Its gonna be a while until things are back to normal.

I'm gonna go make cookies.

Comment away! I'd love to know your thoughts!


  1. I love this feature!

    I am one of those never-done-drugs boringos, so I didn't blink when Kellogs took away the sponsorship. Hey, if I don't get to do it, neither do they, is my motto!

  2. I am so with you on the Michael Phelps thing girl! For reals.....that kids accomplished more before he was 21 than most people do in a lifetime.

    Alternatively, while I do agree that the Angelina Jolie wanna be Octuplet Mom is crazy for having that many children....I absolutely do not want our government stepping in and telling us we can have only X amount of kids. Because really then - how different would we be from China "only 1 kid" law....crazy. What about the Duggar Family in Arkansas with 18 kids "AND COUNTING"...nobody gives a shit about them...and crap....now I need to write about this in my blog too.....

  3. That's because octomom is a dog!!!!

  4. oh boy!
    It appears Nadya is really ripping up the blogosphere this morning! Everyone has something to say!

  5. I totally agree about Michael Phelps. Give the poor kid a break!!!!
    And that mother is just insane-- her website made me want to puke.

    (On a side note, I'm loving your new header. :))

  6. How is she going to put all of those kids through college? Whoa, boy!

    You should make my cookies! You get delicious cookie dough and a Valentine's Day gift all in one!

  7. OMG I'm with you. Let's just eat cookies and forget about all this stuff. It gives me a headache!!

    Let me know if you make the Red Velvet Cake!! I'm having dental issues this weekend so I'm going to miss out for the first time in 8 years!

  8. Perfect! I'm a sucker for weeks in review and I'm looking forward to more of yours. Of course if you punk out and stop doing it I'm going to end up resenting you for it. So don't.

  9. Ugh...the Michael Phelps thing is such a disaster. I feel bad for him. (Besides, who doesn't know that swimmers and divers like to hit the bong?) It's even worse, I think, because it's not like weed is a performance-enhancing drug...

    He lives in Cali, right? Couldn't he just get a prescription for it? Torn rotator cuff or something?

  10. I love your week in review! And I am pumped about Obama too. But he does seem to have a no-win situation right now.

  11. thanks for visiting my blog...because i got to meet yours!
    first of all...look...we had a president that admittedly...smoked pot (yet did not inhale)...and we voted him in twice (yep, i did!!). and another president who was an ex junkie. who...was voted in twice. and now...they are revoking a freaking kelloggs endorsement from a young...outstanding...swimmer. well...he can still run for president one day.
    as for that...woman. don't EVEN get me started.
    and the stimulus...remains to be seen. hopefully...it will work. if it doesn't, care to join me and my family at our deserted, uncharted island somewhere in one of the oceans?

  12. I'm visiting from SITS! I really liked Pres. Bush a lot, though he made some mistakes and wasn't perfect. Even though I'm not an "Obama supporter", per se, I will support him as our President...hope he leads us well!

  13. Good points.

    Yeah, partyer picture taker of Michael Phelps is a jerk.

    Don't. Even. Get. Me. Started. on Octuplet mom....

  14. Hi from a fellow Noo Yawker.
    Great blog! And what a cute baby!
    Thanks so much for stopping by to say hi. Hope you visit again soon!
    :) Robin

  15. Thanks for visiting my blog! I'm so glad you did, because yours is such a fun read too. I'll be following for sure!
    Your little guy is adorable. I also almost had a heart attack when I read how much you gave your babysitter for a night out! Holy cow! I am a part time nanny and I get $8 an hour from my longtime family (although that is EXTREMELY underpaid..but there's nothing I can really do right now - long story). I babysit on the side and get about $10 an hour and I don't ask for them to buy me dinner either. I can't imagine paying that much per hour for a babysitter, you're a far better woman than me!

  16. Thanks everyone for such awesome comments! You all have made my day!

  17. I'm so happy that you stopped by today.
    Great work!
    I haven't seen the mommy-many-times-over site. I think I'll go check it out. Or should I not? I don't know. You have me frightened. Rather, SHE has me frightened.
    Should I check out the freak show?

  18. Week in Review: Great Idea!
    New Header: So cute!
    New Tag: go check my blog...

    Thanks for the pep!!

  19. Wow...I agree on all ponts... I would hate it if pictures of me on my younger days where thrown over the internet of doing things I shouldn't have been doing...(Oh wait...they are all over facebook..) You have an adorable blog... I am off to read s'more...(get it?)

  20. agree, agree, agree. especially about the octuplets. those poor babies and that poor grandmother. i really hope this is not a case of child services not stepping in and then a year or two from now we'll hear some tragic report on the news about the kids when that mother goes even further off the deep end. HOW can this sort of thing be legal?

  21. LOVE your week in review, probably because I agree 100% with everything you said. Smoking pot? Bring it on. (Can you say LEGALIZE?) Having a litter of children when you've already got a litter of children and you're clearly unstable? Unforgivable. And, Go Obama! I'm still so happy W's finally out of here I can barely tie my shoes.

    (My word ver is "ducks" - how cute is that?)


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