Feb 3, 2009

Little Big Boy...

I've decided that if Oliver is going to spit up on everything from himself to the kitchen sink, he should pitch in and help, especially with the laundry.

Yes, you are lookin' at darling, 4-month old chunker busting out of our laundry basket. 

Over the past couple weeks I've taken Oliver to a few neighborhood play groups and he's always been the youngest one there. I'm fine with him being the most immature in the group, but the thing that freaks me out is that he's seriously twice or three times the size babies who are months older than he is. 

The mothers look at me and ask me how old he is and their eyebrows fly right through their forehead when they hear how he's just 4 months. Their next question is always, how much does he eat? A lot. He's clearly from my side.

I read on babycenter.com that babies are supposed to double their birthweight by 4 months and triple their weight by the first year. But Oliver tripled his birth weight in only 4 months!

I'm thinking well shit! Its no wonder Oliver's first months were maniacal! He's been going through constant and consistent growth spurts.  Poor little big boy!

I'm thrilled to report the past two weeks he's been soooo much calmer and I'm assuming its because he's finally getting used to his own skin! He must be plateauing. 

At this rate, seeing as we're already in 6-12 month clothes, he's going to be the next Brian Urlacher! 


  1. cute cute, he's going to be a big boy. Your previous post cracked me up lol

  2. Dont worry I can beat that one! My nephew is 2 months old and he weighs 15 lbs already. This child has ROLLS everywhere!
    Anyway, I think big babies are much cuter than skinny babies!!!!

  3. Ha! I love that! Thanks!

    Yes, I loooove the rolls too! Such a chunker!

  4. Cute Cute picture!

    At least you know he's healthy! Better that he's growing like a weed than not.

  5. When I first saw the photo, I thought you were very practical using Oliver's carrier to schlep him AND the laundry. Thought it was a very urban mom thing to do!


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