Jan 20, 2010

My Childs First Word!

Well, here we are at an exciting juncture in my child's life.

Oliver is almost 16 months old and while he's mastered words like "Mummm" and "Dah-deee" we have been anxiously awaiting the first word that takes him beyond, well, the two of us.

And yesterday, just like that, it happened.

Out of the mouth of my babe came... "Sheeet."


Yes. Shit. My babe, my raison d'etre said, as his first real word, "sheeeet."

Over and over and over, all day long, "Sheeet. Sheeet. Sheeet."

Non stop. "Sheeet."

Each time he said "sheet," he would look at me and smile. He so wanted me to clap my hands or say, "Oh, honey! I'm so proud of you!" And, I ended up doing exactly that.

"Yayyy Oliver! Oliver said Sheet!"

Tomorrow, I just know he's going to so sweetly repeat "sheet, sheet, sheet" all day long.

I started to sweat a bit thinking of what the woman at Whole Foods would say, or how the mom's on the playground would look at me, or...yikes, his new teacher! What would she think I was teaching him?

But then I thought, hey, kids must say this crap all the time.

Fuck it.

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  1. That is Great!
    We are pretty sure that our son's first word was Damn.

  2. ha! Shit, damn...at least those are the mild swears right?

  3. My son's first word was "Coke" - he never had any (of course), but he loved that red can. Later on, he repeated some colorful language he had overheard!

  4. Ha! I love it! But, watch out, I'm sure Fuck will quickly follow. :)

    And I love seeing you here again--- I missed smores!

  5. Thanks Scary Mommy! I missed it to, but couldn't get it together. I don't know how you do it but I respect you like you wouldn't believe!

    Evil Twin- I love that he said Coke. I bet "Cheerio" is next up for my boy just because he loves the box!

  6. Ha - that's hilarious!

  7. ROTFLMAO! I remember once when my oldest was about 15 months I was getting him out of the car and I twisted my ankle and said "shit". Of course he kept saying it over and over! lol


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