Jan 22, 2010

And now...

#1- Did you hear? John Edwards admitted the lovechild is his. This guy gets smarmier every time he's in the news. What's worse, cheating on your cancer-sticken wife while she's going through chemo or denying the bastard is yours? Karma sure is a bitch Johnny boy, wouldn't you agree? I for one can't wait to see what's coming your way. In fact, I think I hear hell calling your name in the faint distance. Check out the story here.

#2- Did you hear? Scott Brown, the newly elected politico posed nude for Cosmo back in 1982. He pushed it aside as no big thang but personally I think any man posing nude is hugely repulsive. Okay...but seriously, consider for a moment Hillary Clinton rationalizing something like that? Imagine she posed for Maxim back in her law school days. I promise we wouldn't hear the end of it. EVER! Check out Mr. Big Boy Brown's pics on Newsweek's site here.

#3- Did you hear? Tara Reid is getting married. Yup. Now for all those people who thought they were unmarriable, I promise you, you are not. For someone to take up for a lifetime with this kookhead is pretty bold so I promise you, you...are not out of luck. Like my Grandma Hannah Rae always said, There's a lid for every pot. Check out the story here.

#4- Did you hear? There are way too many people comparing the tragedy in Haiti to Katrina. Yes, both were devastating natural disasters, but I want to be clear these two events are as different as Elisabeth Hasslenut and Cher. Just imagine half of the United States crashing down in the span of one minute. I'm talking the entire east coast and midwest obliterated in 60 seconds. That's New York City, Boston, Miami, Chicago, Atlanta, Toledo, Washington D.C. and all the farm land in between. Gone. And, not just the buildings and towns, I'm talkin' millions of people. Yes, the United States is in a recession, and yes, many of us have a lot less to work with these days, but don't we have a moral obligation to humankind to help? Click here to make a donation to the Red Cross if you're feeling generous.

#5- To end on a high note, I want to thank everyone who has visited my blog this week. I have enjoyed doing it and loved the response. Next week I'll be hosting a BIG contest that everyone and their mothers will want to win. Make sure you check back on Monday to learn how you can win! I'll give you a hint though. It involves something to the likes of leaving comments on my blog, following me, subscribing, and tweeting about Smores. The more times you do this, the more chances you'll have to win. Details to follow.

Have an amazing weekend, and don't forget to leave me a comment!


  1. John Edwards has gone to Haiti to help out. I feel sorry for those people. (scumbag! - and he used to be my Senator)

    Are you serious about Brown? I did't know this!

    Tara deserves some happiness.. she has been unhappy too long.

    Oh I'm gonna have to enter the contest...

  2. Hey! First time visitor of your blog, and it's just lovely! :) I will be back for sure. Have a great Friday, and happy weekend!

  3. Dead serious about Brown..kinda sick right?

    And Loukia, welcome! Hope to see you around! Thanks for dropping by!

  4. Dead serious about Brown..kinda sick right?

    And Loukia, welcome! Hope to see you around! Thanks for dropping by!

  5. I would never buy a mag with Hillary that way in it!!!

  6. Love your commentary! Have a great weekend. :)

  7. Fantastic and enjoyed every bit of it.


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