Feb 15, 2010

Bye Bye Arcade Fire

One of my most favorite concerts I've ever been to was Arcade Fire at Radio City Music Hall. They were musically perfect and at the same time perfectly irreverent. I was surrounded by hipsters and true music lovers and the only downside was that my 70-year old boss was sitting behind me. But I didn't care. We were all there to enjoy the music.

This past weekend I noticed how much my life has changed since that concert. Once again, I was sitting center stage at another New York City landmark, Madison Square Garden, only this time I was sitting with Oliver on my lap. Surrounding us was thousands of other kids worshipping at the alter of Elmo.

At intermission a funny thing happened. Men appeared from all corners of the Garden with thousands 
of Elmo balloons. Each balloon was $10.00 and they completely sold out within 5 minutes. 

The thing is you have no choice but to buy a balloon for your kid. If the child in front of you, behind you, to the right and left of you is holding a balloon you CAN'T explain to your child that it's a stupid waste of money. And even worse, we saw at least 20 balloons sadly waft up to the ceiling after they were accidentally let go of. You KNOW that parents had ponied up for another $10.00 balloon to comfort their crying child. 

Now, I'm no meanie and obviously an Elmo balloon and electronic Elmo-light-up-spiny- thingy are part of the show but i'm just making an observation.

The kid in front of us had to leave early and left his electronic Elmo-light-up-spiny-thingy 
on his chair so we took it. Why let it go to waste right? 


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  1. Things do change but it sounds like you had a good time at Elmo too. I think they do that at any event for children. Tempt the children with the treats that their parents are forced to shell out the money for.

  2. We have acquired several of the Elmo light-up-spinny-thingys. Let me tell you - the batteries are a bitch to change.

  3. what's an elmo light-up-spinny-thing?
    enlighten me!!!


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