Feb 12, 2010

And Now...


1- Did you hear? There was an earthquake in Chicago. Apparently it caused quite a stir for some people down in Elgin, Illinois.  It measured out to a whopping 3.8. Now, I can't deny it is unusual for an earthquake to occur in the midwest, but people, come on now. Haiti was less than a month ago and we are quaking in our shoes over an itsy-bitty tremor that Chicago proper didn't even feel. I was in Chicago the night of the earthquake and I didn't feel a thing. Can we all just relax? Check out the store here.

2- Did you hear? The un-storm of the century didn't hit New York City on Wednesday into Thursday. Yes, Newark, Laguardia and JFK did close down for a few hours, and yes, most every airline cancelled their flights, including mine. So do you want to know how many inches the city got? EIGHT! That's it. Eight. You want to know about my flight back from Chicago to Laguardia Thursday afternoon? We departed on time, arrived early and there were 20 passengers on board my 80 person jet. Believe you me, I'm not complaining as I got a whole 6 rows to myself but I would find it infuriating if I was trying to get back to NYC today and couldn't. Check out the story here.

3- Did you hear? Bill Clinton is sick! This pervy President is in the hospital with yet another heart condition. I truly hope he gets better because he's the only normal, past President we got. I mean, the Bush crew can't exactly save the children Haiti on their own. Remember how they mistreated the children of N'Orleans? Besides, how else is Hillary Clinton going to run for President against Fairy Princess Palin in 2016 if Bill isn't around to help her? Check out the story here.

4- Did you hear? MTV re-designed their logo. Now in my 30's I proudly continue to watch too many shows on the Rock of Love sister station. The Hills, Jersey Shore, and the Real World Wherever. I'm so confused as to what they would change about the station let alone the logo that I grew up with.  But, it's not really THAT different. They claim they had to redesign it because there is a whole new generation  involved now. They also claimed that music was still at the center of what they do. So explain me this- I'm totally happy watching a marathon of Jersey Shore but what's that got to do with music? See the new logo here.

5- The first official S'mores for Breakfast contest ends today! Thank you for subscribing and following and tweeting and commenting! Feedback is my most favorite thing in the world so let me know what you're thinking! I'll announce the winner on Monday!

Have a Great Weekend!

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  1. Well maybe MTv design some real music back into their programming... Sorry but I find MTV unwatcheable these days.


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