Feb 25, 2009

Dreaming of dreaming...

This isn't going to be my best posting.  

My brain hurts, my body is weak and I'm starving because I was too tired to cook dinner.

You see last night, if you lived in the apartment next door to us, you would have wanted to kick our asses had real sympathy for Brett and me.

In short, at barely 5 months, Oliver is sprouting teeth.  

And, to make a painful situation even worse, he's getting both bottom-front teeth at the same time. The right one broke the gum line last Friday, and the left one began to rear its ugly head on Sunday morning. I always knew he is the best, cutest, sweetest and smartest baby in the entire solar system is an over-achiever but this is crazy!

Unfortunately for Brett and I, teething means we're back to sleepless nights. This is particularly bad news for me because I require 9 hours of sleep a night to  have clear skin function as a polite and decent member of society. If I'm sleep deprived I can keep it together for Oliver, but I can't promise if you bump into me on the street I'll be civil. I might even curse you out. But it's really not my fault so I apologize in advance.

There isn't much we can do beyond the teething rings, washcloths in the freezer, and using our own knuckles as chew toys. I'm hoping it's a fast process. As is the random asshole who bumps into me on the street.

I'd like to give a special shout out to Jill at Scary Mommy who suggested I try mini-frozen bagels to help soothe my little man. She has a fantastic blog that I look forward to reading every day!


  1. Not sure how you feel about it, or what your specific pediatrician says, but the ppl I have nannied for give their child a dose of meds (motrin or tylenol) before bedtime during teething times. If your kid is a "drooler" then they tend to teeth faster because the drool helps speed the process. If not a drooler....gonna be awhile!

    I take the gelled teethers and always keep some in the fridge during teething times.

  2. Yep. I remember those days. My boys chewed on frozen rings and table legs. But somehow we made it through. Hopefully sleep won't elude for long.

  3. rub his gums with whiskey. In the Mountains of WV I hear tell they use whiskey for everything. Good Luck. And don't rule out the power of power naps. They are your friend.

  4. yaya- We gave him baby tylonol this weekend. Also, I just ran out and got the gel teethers! Great advice! Thank you!

    beth- table legs? that's so funny! I say, whatever works!

    Panic room- WHISKY???? should I rub his gums with it or mine?

    Pork Star- that's what I was thinking too at 3am this morning!

  5. My Sylvie got her two front bottom ones at the same time, too. It wasn't pleasant, but I think the two top ones are always worse. I have long since given up on 9 hours of sleep or clear skin.

    AND (Panic Room!), my WV is "hooch"... LOL

  6. I feel for ya. My son had his top and bottom teeth come out at the same time too. And I need my sleep too otherwise I'm a zombie.
    I don't know how you feel about homeopathic products, but Hyland's and Humphrey's both make something called Teething Tablets. They seemed to help my son calm down, (or maybe it was just in my sleep-deprived imagination) But I know my CVS carries both of them. But if you're desperate, it might be worth a try. =)

  7. just stumbled across your blog...you have such wit in your posts :)

  8. Oh no! I got lucky with my oldest son--he started teething late (when he was 1) and it never seemed to bother him. But my youngest is another story! Ugh, many sleepless nights there. He seemed to like cold applesauce, so that helped a little.

  9. I'll make you a deal - if you can help me with my teenager problem, I'll help you with Oliver's teething issues (after all, I've had two little ones and my husband's a pediatrician!). Here's my question: How do I prove the sweet-smell that I miss terribly is coming from the Bat Cave in the basement (teenage son's room) even though I can't find any solid evidence? And, more importantly, how can I get my hands on it?;-)

  10. Poor baby and poor Mama!!! Ear infections are keeping me up here. It's always something, huh?

  11. I feel for ya sister! My babies have really early teeth also - bottom 2 same time at 5th month and top 2 started sprouting for both at 7 months, ridiculous that they both had 4 teeth before their 8th month of life. Baby oragel can really help them also if you dampen a washcloth and ring it out so it looks like a twisted log then out it in the freezer - it realy helps and doesnt get shit everywhere. :) Good luck mama! You rock!

  12. I remember those days. My kids managed it very well, so I can't say I realate to the sleepless nights. It won't last long though. The hardest part is when the tooth is playing with the poor guy.....up, no down, up, no down.....before it breaks through. Good luck!

  13. In true Oliver form, I'm sure he will zip through this phase and you will be back to clear skin and Mary Sunshine in no time!!


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