Feb 27, 2009

And now...

And without wasting another minute, let's delve right into this week's juiciness! 

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1: Heath Ledger's Oscar win: Did you see Batman? I did. Heath's performance was so far above and beyond any of my expectations. It was genius. I cried my eyes out when his family accepted the Oscar on behalf of Matilda. My heart weeps for his baby when she realizes how he overdosed and threw his life away amazingly talented and loved her daddy was.

2: Obama addresses congress:  Less than halfway through his first 100 days in office Obama hosted a non-official state of the union. Wowsah does this President have kahoonahs made of steal  guts! I don't think anyone else but Obama could deliver such shitty news in a more positive way. I wish I had his gift. I kept wondering through the entire address how Georgie-poo must have felt watching from his living room in the state you couldn't pay me to live in  Texas. Everytime Obama emphasized how irresponsible and glutenous the previous government had acted do you think Georgie-poo felt any pangs of vomit guilt? He should. After all, he did break the world have a just a bit to do with where we are now.

3: Octo-mom: I am seriously so sick of hearing about this woman I can hardly believe I'm giving her a place in this list. The bright side to this story is that the hospital is now deciding whether or not they can ethically allow Whacko Nadia to bring home all the babies. She must be able to prove she can care for them in addition to her other 6 children. After seeing how she keeps her pig sty home that could very well be impossible. It's laughable she has refused network interviews yet accepts a sit down with fake doctor for psychos Dr. Phil. Can we just stop giving her attention? I promise this is the last time I mention her.

4: Slumdog Kids:  Those adorable kids from the movie Slumdog Millionaire were handpicked from the slums of India by director Danny Boyle to play childhood versions of the movie's main characters. During the 30 days they shot their part for the movie they received a small daily stipend for their services. Well, yesterday the kiddies returned to India and were received by thousands of slumdogs as national heros. Danny Boyle and the Indian government have jointly financed the kiddies education at an exclusive private school. And when they turn 18 they will have access to a trust fund that Boyle has set up on their behalf.  That's such exploitation great. Very after the fact noble. I can't decide if it's because the film has brought in over $100 million I'm not even including potential DVD and soundtrack sales  or because it won the Oscar for best picture that made Boyle so generous. If Millionaire didn't win would Boyle have let those kids return to the slum? Did he not learn anything after shooting there? Sure it's nice that they'll now have an education, but how about health care, allowance and a year-long trip to Disney World for them and their famlies to go along with it?

5: The National Defishit: Umm. Need I say more? Just how many zero's is in a trillion? TGIFF.  

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  1. You literally crack me up. Your cross-outs are brilliant. I especially enjoyed "the state you couldn't pay me to live in" and "fake doctor for psychos". Most people don't realize "Dr." Phil hasn't had a medical license in YEARS!!! And Octo-mom - OMG. Could someone please gag her and put us out of our collective misery? She has brought the word "irresponsible" to a whole new level. You deserve a superb weekend after that ingenious wrap-up.

  2. The deficit kills me - especially considering that when Jr. took office Clinton had left only about a $5 trillion deficit and was paying it back. wtf - in 8 years he takes it to almost $400 trillion from $5 trillion.... BOOOOO

  3. I hate review a week...always seems like I get nothing done! :)

    Interesting Daily Gif Blog, 3 or 4 posts daily!


  4. I wish wish wish I could have seen number 2. I think he's an amazing speaker. I believe in his politics but I have to think even if people don't you can't deny he has some great charisma or style or something going on!

  5. I missed Obama's address, and from your post, it seems like I really missed a lot..Dang.

  6. no, you didn't miss that much. Just imagine the reporters CNN or MSNBC leaving you feeling hopeful and optimistic instead of stressed out and worried!

  7. I love your week in review. I had no idea they were thinking of keeping that woman's babies. Fascinating.

  8. Good one. The lines scratched out convey your inner feelinf, I thought so. Good.

  9. You made me literlly laugh out loud.
    love love love your writing

  10. aren't blogs great? we get to speak our mind and be apart of a bigger picture :)

  11. Just was reading and enjoying your blog!

    Did you know 2009 has 3 Friday the 13th's in it? The 3rd one is in November. This happens once every 11 years!



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