Feb 23, 2009

Looking good, or not...

To know me is to know how much I love movies. Even though Godfather, Amelie, Airplane and Annie Hall are my all time favorites, I can literally watch any movie a million times over. I love the actors, the plots, the sets. I love Brad Pitt the magic.

The Oscars is a show I look forward to every year because I have accurately predicted the winner in most categories for several years now. But, this year is different. I'm a new mom. And as a new mom, I haven't seen a single Oscar nominated film. New moms don't have time to go to the movies. New moms watch old movies on HBO, Showtime and Bravo.

But this doesn't mean I can't take part in the red carpet, pre-show activities. Here's my wrap-up of the 5 people who I thought rocked the fashion world and the 5 people who should be ashamed of themselves.

We'll start off with the worst dressed because I think I should end all my blogs with positivity:


1- Vanessa Hudgens
. That mermaid dress made her look like a bitch witch and not all that fashion-saavy. Her loser boyfriend could have used a haircut too.

2- Anne Hathaway. I don't know if she's a vampire what it is about her but she scares me. She's so freakishly pale. If she's allergic to sunlight Vitamin D can't she get a spray tan or something?

3- Mickey Rourke. Seriously? Are you trying to ruin your life again? I don't care how awesomely you might have "acted" in your movie that I'll never pay to see, I hate you.

4- Philip Seymor Hoffman. Is he trying to steal "worst dressed" from Mickey?

5- Miley Cyrus. I'm so sad for her. She's such a cute girl who means well, but she accidentally dressed up like a disco ball.

Honorable Mention for Tackiness:

ABC Network: Really? You had to cut to a shot of Brad and Angie while Jen was presenting? And twice? Double Tacky. Shame on you.


1- Heidi Klum. Her jewelry alone had me drooling like my babe Oliver. He's getting his first tooth so let me tell you, that's a lot of drool.

2-Robert Downey Jr. I never, ever, ever thought I'd say this, but he looked mighty handsome.

3- Natalie Portman. She's just so fresh and lovely.

4- Angelina. Breathtaking. It's very possible, however, that it's all downhill for her after last night. I mean, she had to have "peaked" last night because a human can't get much more gorgeous than that. For most of us mere mortals, "peaking" happens in high school or college. At least Angie hit her peak working the red carpet, hoping for an Oscar, mothering 14 6 children all while being married to Brad Pitt and in fabulous earrings. I can't wait to see how ugly she's going to get.

5-Kate Winslet. Wonderful, eloquent and elegant.

Honorable Mentions:

Marissa Tomei: Loved the dress, but didn't think the overall picture was enough to crack my top 5.

Thoughts? Did I miss anyone?

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  1. Oh, I LOVE Kate Winslet!!!

    How 'bout Bill Maher. I love the man, but that leather suit was awful.

  2. yes you are sooo right. it was seriously sick. my bad!

  3. I usually think Queen Latifah looks elegant, but that dress was beyond hideous. She definitely would have made my Top 5. I didn't think that look was Angelina's best - in real life emeralds don't come in the 65-carat size, so her jewels must have been fake. Really, Angelina. I'm disappointed. I would put Natalie Portman as #1 on the best dressed list. Simply stunning. Robert Downey, Jr. IS hot!! So is Hugh Jackman, but WTF with those obnoxious dance numbers that I thankfully muted. Also, Brad Pitt needs to lose the beard and mustache. I'm just saying.

  4. I didn't see it, but I checked out the red carpet shots on the internet, you've pegged it pretty well.

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  6. No mention of Ben Stiller?

  7. I was just so disturbed by the number of Disney channels hoochies there. They were way out of their league!! I totally agree on all of your perfect shout outs-- I'm so happy to see Robert Downey Jr. all cleaned up!!

  8. Haha! Your Angelina commentary cracked me up. Yes, at least we get to watch her get ugly!
    Thanks for supporting me on my Blog Jog!

  9. I didn't care for any of the hosting he did (the musical is SO not back... as much as I love music, at least I can admit it) but day-um Hugh Jackman is hawt, hawt, hawt...

  10. I missed the whole thing...so sad but it's way past my bedtime lately. I enjoyed your run down and I agree after looking at picutres on the web. Angelina is too beautiful for her own good she can't get any more beautiful. It would be impossible!!! The times that gets me the most is after all those babies she and her body are gorgeous...how does that happen?

  11. Well you certainly hit it right on. I thought I was the only one who hated the Mermaid dress...
    I can't believe you hate Mickey Roarke..he's a weirdo , but heck..Robert Downey Jr. cleaned up..and so has Mickey.
    I am glad Slumdog swept the Oscars.
    I am NOT a Angelina fan...but she did look beyond gorgeous.

  12. You forgot Beyonce's dress! Not my favorite.

    Oh and I prefer to think that Vanessa Hudggens (or whatever her name is) got attacked by a bird on her way to the Oscars. Because that's what the top looked like.

  13. now you have me thinking i should go watch it. it's on the DVR waiting for me to get some "free time" hopefully i'll get to it before next years Oscars

  14. I wish I didn't miss the Oscars BUT I did see Robert Downey Jr. and yes, he is a hottie. So clean cut and handsome these days. Love it!!!!!


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