Feb 18, 2009

Gotta love mornings...

Sunday, we woke up to find Oliver perpendicular in his crib.
Apparently this is his new favorite position.
We think he's practicing "standing."

On Monday, we woke up to find Oliver cracking up.
What is it that's making him laugh so darn hysterically?
We have not a clue.

On Tuesday morning he was sleeping like this.
How is this comfortable?

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  1. Looks like an awesome way to wake up!

  2. OMG that kid's adorable. Enjoy him while you can. One of these days he'll be 15.;-)

  3. I just want to eat him up!! I wish I woke up in that kind of mood.

  4. I wish kids could remember and tell you what the Eff they were laughing so hard about when they are little. If you could figure out what it is you would have a hit kids.

  5. Can't leave a comment 'cause words can't describe how precious he looks.

  6. What is cuter than a baby in feetie pajamas? So delish!
    PS- Turn the first photo and he is TOTALLY practice standing! :)

  7. What a doll! I want to meet him and have a play date with Audrey and him...she can be the cougar!

  8. Thanks everyone!

    DoubleBanker- I agree!

    Debra- he will never be 15! I'm going to put him in a box and keep him teeny.

    Jill- I know! I've never woken up "smiley!"

    Panic Room- I know!Apparently a sense of humor develops before they can even speak!

    Susan- Awwww thanks! You have to hang out with him in April!

    Robin- I love PJs. Sometimes I keep him in them all day cause they are def the cutest!

    Kel- Love that you justu called Audrey whose 7 months a couger. awesome.

  9. aww thats so adorable. The sleeping possition is surely comfy once you are all blacked out and deep in sleep... or curled up sideways or backwards... as long as you can get sleep lol

  10. First, that is about the cutest baby I've ever seen. But, I have to say, the only other creature I've known to sleep like that is my dog. Maybe there is something to the squiggle position we should all try...

  11. He's so cute. I miss that age and just you wait, their sleeping habits only get worse. My 9 year old has begun sleep walking almost every night now! It's really wierd.

  12. Honestly, I have not seen a cuter baby in a very, very, VERY long time.
    What a doll!

  13. So cute!!!

    What mobile is that? It's awesome!

  14. Your baby is just the cutest!
    Thanks for visiting my blog earlier. I didn't design my blog header, I only added the title to it. I don't think I'm that creative, but I wish I was!

  15. could he be any cuter?

  16. This little one is cute cute cute! Looking forward to following your blog :) I LOVE smores!


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