Feb 20, 2009

And now...

Last week's "Week in Review" was a hit! Thank you to everyone who chimed in the discussion! I loved hearing your thoughts, even if you disagreed with me, and if there's anything I missed let me know.

This week proved to be no slacker in terms of hot topics so lets get bitching started!

#1 Travis the Chimpanzee:
In case you haven't heard, the famous chimp from the Old Navy commercials attacked a woman in Connecticut. She is currently listed in critical condition having suffered life-altering injuries. Travis's owner raised the monkey like her own child and was completely devastated by what occurred. While I don't doubt her sincerity and feelings of remorse, anyone can see just how truly insane heartbroken she is, I do seriously doubt her judgment on many levels. First of all, who has a chimp for a pet? Isn't that against some kind of law? Monkeys are wild animals. Key word being "wild." Second, the chimp had recently contracted Lyme disease and the owner decided to treat the monkey by putting a Xanax in his morning tea. Sure, giving your monkey the Xanax prescribed for you is totally bizarro, but I find it hilarious that the Chimp drinks morning tea! What is he, British? Apparently 5 minutes after he drank the roofied-tea he went insane. Go figure. It is also weird to me that her neighbors never called the authorities. If a 200-pound monkey who can drive a car lived next to me I promise you I would phone it in. Okay, so Travis could draw his own bath and even pick out his own clothes. I'm sure I could train a giraffe brush my hair, but you don't see me raising one in my apartment. If I want to see a wild animal, I'll go to the zoo thank you very much.

#2 Facebook's Policy Change:
Even if George Bush doesn't listen to the people, at least we know Facebook does. The Today Show, The View and ABC World News Tonight all reported on Facebook's policy change. And, thousands of people responded by petitioning online and canceling their accounts not me, I have over 500 friends. Well, the next morning, Facebook cracked under the pressure. Elizabeth Hasselbarf took personal credit for the change in policy. She's so delusional. Good job peeps! Way to band together! But the sorry truth is, if you post anything on Facebook, I promise you it will never be "private." Come on, the internet has been around for over a decade. If you think Facebook's policy reversal protects your photos, status updates, wall postings and info, you really shouldn't be allowed near a computer.

#3 Flight 3407 to Buffalo:
There are so many heartbreaking aspects to this story: the timing being so soon after the Hudson miracle landing, the 50 lost souls, the home that was destroyed... but to me the most heartbreaking thing was what the NTSB found during their search to find out why, why, why this happened. The authorities blamed the pilot's lack of both judgment and experience. This may be true but it makes me cry for not just the pilot's legacy, I certainly don't want "incompetence" written on my tombstone, but also for his family who is mourning him. Don't you think the pilot did absolutely everything in his power to save the lives of everyone on board including his own? Unfortunately the weather, the plane and other circumstances outwitted him. I pray someone mentions the good he did during his lifetime instead of solely focusing on the fatal mistake he made during the last minute of his life. He was after all, human.

#4 The Post's Cartoon:
On Wednesday the Post ran a cartoon where two policemen gun down a chimpanzee. The caption read "They'll have to find someone else to write the next stimulus plan." People were outraged because they found it racist. Umm well duh...people reacted that way because it was truly as racist as it gets! I stand in agreement with the protesters outside the Post's headquarters. In fact, I'd be standing in line with them if I didn't have a 4 month old at home to watch. How on Earth could the Post run such an obscene cartoon! Memo to the Post: You're just as bad as Fox news, maybe worse.

#5 Oliver's First Tooth:
I see my babe's first tooth! It is currently at the gum line and while it could take days or weeks for it to become a full fledged tooth, I'm just so giddy to see it! I want to put my baby in a shoebox and keep him teeny forever. He's already growing up too fast! As far as I'm concerned, this is the most important news story of them all!

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  1. The good news is that on Wednesday morning I had my hair blown out and I got to read the New York Post. So now, now only did I have fabulopus hair (really, check out The Mama Bird Diaries for visual evidence!) but I am THE expert on the whole monkey story. So, according to the Post, the chimp wasn't illegal because he was "grandfathered" in--the woman had him before it became illegal to own primates. I didn't know that he had Lyme disease but the article said that he refused to drink his tea with Xanax. Seriously, they should market that stuff--Xanaxtea. Relaxing.

    And I saw the cartoon--horrific. In what universe is that not offensive. And it's not even funny. Some things are offensive but funny. This was just ugly.

    I can't believe that you didn't mention RHONY! Fume!

    Congratulations on the pre-tooth! That's a big deal!

  2. The tooth is definitely a major news story. I'm sure when I check my MSNBC home page it will be at the top under "Breaking News!" (Congrats!) The chimp cartoon was not funny and obviously racist. What the hell is wrong with people? I don't know about you, but I look to Elizabeth Hasselbarf whenever I have a life-changing or even simple-recipe-oriented question (not that I cook, I'm just trying to make a point). She is the absolute Knower of All Things Knowable. I think she and Ann Coulter should run against Obama in '12. They could throw together a pork bill to include building Sarah Palin a Widow's Walk so she can see Russia better from her house.

  3. Loved your reviews.
    Move over--Maureen Dowd.
    The TOOTH:
    Positive reinforcement
    for everything.

  4. I love that you're doing this week in review post! Love it! Now I can live in a bubble all week and catch up on the world on Friday. Spectacular!

    I agree with your take on all of this. Chimpanzees didn't work well this week for the insane lady with the xanax-rocked chimp, or for the post. Both are idiots.

    Oliver's tooth is great news!

    I can't believe you didn't mention Marinka's awesome hair. I think that's newsworthy and belongs in the post!

  5. Marinka- I'm sure your hair is nothing less than fabulous!

    Debra-def check on msnbc later on today. Oliver's tooth could make headlines.

    Mom- I looove Maurreen and would never want to replace her! she's a hero of mine! but thank you for the kudos. you always rock.

    Blognut- you are the best! I love reading your comments!

  6. Olivers first tooth is the major story here....I need to see more pics of his adorable chubby cheeks and beautiful eyes!!! I am addicted!!!

  7. That chimpanzee story is crazy and so was the owner although I didn't know he was from the Old Navy commercials.

    Yay for Oliver's first tooth! That is big news!

  8. monkeys rule!

  9. I am still in shock that the cartoon made it through to print. What the fuck???!!! And, yay Oliver! Can't wait to see his toothy little grin!

    And... Not only do I not remember the lewis center woman's name, but I don't even remember there being such a person. But then again, those 4 years are a bit hazy. :)

  10. I love this blog! I'm so glad you stopped by mine or I never would have found yours.. good reading here! Did you ever write a really LONG comment only to find that when you clicked the button it didn't take??? Well... I just did that and God knows I don't have the strength to do it again. Hahaha! Most of it was griping anyway.. ;) That woman with the chimp really gets my goat! But anyway............
    You've found a new reader here!

  11. Hey Alexis,

    Congratulations on being a mom. Fantastic right? Looks like you're doing well in NYC :)
    I'm still at Ogilvy - and have a little son who just turned 2 last Thursday.
    Good luck with your blog - and have a great weekend.

  12. Excellent wrap-up!
    And I agree with you about the cartoon. Even if it wasn't supposed to be taken that way, it certainly was very easy to do that, so where was the editor?

  13. You are right. # 5 is the most important news item of the week!

    Love your blog!

  14. Elizabeth Hasselbarf.....hahahahaha!

  15. i love that you guys think oliver's tooth is important!

    As for Elizabeth Hasselbarf...well, she is just the worst! I disagree with every single thing she says!

  16. Thanks for coming to my blog. A first tooth, I've been there four times. I hope it is an easy road for your little one...

  17. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Love this. Especially the Chimp (Yikes!) and the thing about Facebook. It's like the people who go on Oprah and say, "My parent/spouse/children/boss don't know this, but....."

  18. Well, I think the tooth is a headliner as well. Congrats!

  19. I live in L.A. and hadn't heard about the chimp story but I DO know what Angelina is expected to wear to the Oscars.

    How L.A. huh?

    Nor a mention of the Racist cartoon. where the hell am I? If I only read the L.A. times, I promise you, I would still know nothing. Love your blog. Former NYer and miss it like crazy

  20. I love your weekly news commentaries. You should do them every week!

    I find the whole monkey thing ridiculous. Really people, you have a Monkey driving a car and you're not going to say anything?! Really?! Um I have a problem when the Hispanic people let their kids drive their lawnmowers on my yard. You better believe I would have a problem with a Monkey driving a car.

  21. Cool blog! You are very witty! I love the post about the cleaning lady! Too funny! I will be stopping by lots!

  22. That Travis story gets weirder and weirder. I read yesterday that she gave him glasses of wine, bathed with him, and cuddles with him in bed. Excuse me?

  23. WTF? Is Marinka writing BOOKS on this comment box?? Calm the hell down, girl.

    This chimp story is like "When Kids go Bad" primate version. I'd rather let Bern Baby Bern tell me what Anjie is wearing to the Oscars.

  24. I wouldn't be surprised if CNN came knocking at your door. You wrap up all the important aspects of the news.

    And yay for Oliver! When my oldest (now a fresh in college) got his first teeth (they came in pairs), they were his incisors. He looked like a baby Dracula.

  25. What a great post! I really enjoyed reading it.

    Why does Travis wear clothes? Weird! I certainly wouldn't have an ape as a pet. My kids are enough work... ha!

  26. I love the week in review! So cool!

  27. Great reviews! Thanks for sharing! I love your blog by the way!!!

  28. We slugs try to avoid the news, unless of course, it is about us...so it was nice to get the week in review so I was not assaulted by the television with it. I like your take on the news much better! I also enjoyed reading all of the comments, very good bunch of people here!


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