Jan 26, 2010

Parents Just Don't Understand...

Sunday night, Oliver sat frantically waiving his hand over his Mac n' Cheese screaming, "Poooo, Poooo!"


"POOOO," he screamed even louder!

Pooo? Just what about his Mac and Cheese was like poo?

I mean, yeah, it's organic, but it happens to be really good. I eat it myself all the time...


Then, as swiftly as Leno took the Tonight Show back from CoCo, Oliver grabbed the spoon out of my hand.

Ohhh! I get it! POOOO = SPOOOON!  He wants the Spoooon!

For those of you who read Oliver's first word last week, all I have to say is this:



S'mores for Breakfast has decided to have a little contest. If there's one thing I've learned is that raising children is hard work. Sleepless nights combined with early mornings, will age anyone at least 10 years. I've come to rely on coffee more than showers over the past 16 months. And I feel like passing on a little bit of the love.

S'mores is giving away a $100 Starbucks gift card to someone who does ALL of the following:

1- Subscribe to S'mores.
2- Follows S'mores
3- Follows S'mores on Twitter

A winner be drawn using Random.org and announced on S'mores Friday, February 12. *You will be given one extra entry every time you leave a comment on the S'mores blog page and every time you tweet about the contest. So be sure to leave lots of comments and to tweet often!

Good luck!

I can't wait to see who loves coffee as much as I do!


  1. I hope he doesn't try to say duck!!!

  2. killin' me smallz!
    oliver dear, you too much =)

  3. HAHAHAHA!!!

    Our son says Foo for spoon... Took us awhile to figure it out too!

  4. Seriously, they could make a movie called "lost in translation." oh wait...

  5. "fie uck" is one of our son's first and most frequently used words... in case you need help, it is fire truck. LOL

  6. I remember when one of my boys would try and tell me something and I could not for the life of me figure out what he was saying. I would keep saying rhyming words and I remember Cooper getting so annoyed with me. ;)

  7. omg missallizoom- ROFLMAO!!!! that is sooo funny! I don't know if I would have understood that one! love it!

    sherrie- THATS WHAT I DO! Oliver gets sooo frustrated when I do it tho! ha!


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