Jan 27, 2010

The Safety Dance...

Oliver has learned to dance.
And he dances everywhere.
Music or no music, the boy dances.
The thing is, it's not the most endearing thing in the world because he's a toddler but rather because he feels so free and uninhibited. I challenge you to recall the last time you just broke out into dance not caring at all who was watching or how good you were at it.

Here is Oliver dancing his booty off.
He'll kill me for making this at his wedding, but I don't care one bit.


  1. Oh my LORD is he cute! I love the bouncy baby dance! It's the best. I like the scene a little more than halfway through where it looks like he's beat-boxing in the grey shirt. Bravo, Oliver!

  2. I will have to check out the video when I get home... work computer won't let me. My son loves to dance too...

  3. that is too cute. i love that he looks like he might just topple over with delight!

  4. hilarious!!! he's adorable!

  5. Too Cute, he has rhythm! I am pretty sure the embarrassing video footage will be made up by the fact that he was dressed in Superman and Star Wars gear. Had my husband seen the Star Wars shirt he would be begging me to get one for our son.

  6. In case you need a laugh...

  7. Oh boy...I think I might be drinking tonight! Love that link missallizoom! Thanks!

    ML Gibby! It's great to hear from you again! hope you're well!

  8. I love that he likes to look at his reflection while boogie-ing down! Cute!

  9. OMG--the best moves ever--he got them from his Mama!! And I know--because I'm his Mama's--Mama--
    and she never stopped dancing---and, never needed
    an audience, either!!!! What a happy, 'so pleased with himself child' you have nurtured. Great job-kiddo!


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