Jan 28, 2010

You Got the Motts?

There was a time I ate bread and cheese for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
I happened to be in Paris for a week, so I'm sure you can understand.

Another time, four years later, I indulged in gelato twice a day.
Rice flavor after lunch and strawberry as a night cap.
Similarly, I was spending the summer in Florence, so again, you get it.

I stopped these habits both times because 1) Continental Airlines was taking me back to America, and 2) I put on an unmentionable amount of weight.

Well, Oliver seems to be following a similar pattern. Only his pattern is just plain dumb. He can't get enough of yogurt and applesauce.

It's yogurt for breakfast. Yogurt for lunch. And, applesauce for dinner.  Without fail, I offer oatmeal in the morning, grilled cheese sandwich and fruit for lunch and mac n' cheese and veggies for dinner.  And without fail, Oliver clenches his little lips shut and refuses to even TRY the food.

I know, I know, feeding a toddler is tough stuff.

But answer me this: How does he get the kind of nonstop, make-you-crazy, run-around-Barnes-and-Noble-type energy eating only yogurt and applesauce? Seriously, if these foods provided that much energy wouldn't twenty-something-males across America order applesauce and vodkas at clubs instead of Red Bull?

Hmmm, maybe I should suggest that one to a local mixologist.

This is NYC after all and trends do start here.

So, next week, if you see Pete Wentz in US magazine lapping up yogurt at 1 Oak, you know he got the idea here.


  1. I loved those old "Got the Motts" commercials!
    Your toddler seems to have the same energy as ours... They have too much !

  2. We are TOTALLY with you on the yogurt binge... I rationalize it as I have a hard time getting the recommended amount of milk in him, plus it's healthier than many of the alternatives.


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