Jan 6, 2009

The Little Penis that Could...

My baby boy is amazing.  

His smile melts my heart.  His eyes are full of hope.  His cheeks are naturally rosy.  He loves to play on his mat and stare out the window. And, the fact that he's doubled in size, and done it so gracefully has been a joy and a privilege to witness.

There's just one little caveat.  My little boy has a penis.

I go to change his diaper and all of a sudden I find myself shot getting shot in the eye by strong stream of pee.  The first time it happened I was shocked.  Now oddly, I'm used to it.  Hell, I expect it.  

Besides using Brett and I as target practice, there's also something else to discuss about the male anatomy. The distance!  Sometimes he hits the wall and other times the window.  We have had to clean off every surface and object within four feet of the changing table. Keep in mind that's twice as long as he is tall.

Finally, every so often, as I finish adhering the tabs on the diaper and go to give Oliver a kiss, I see that his face is all wet. That's the worst.  Because that means that as I was lifting up his legs to slide a new diaper under his bum he peed on his own face.

Oy.  When do we potty train?


  1. Hmmm.... fun note...!!!!! A proud mom aye...???

  2. Between my two boys, I have never been peed on. That kid is out to get you! :)

    (Have you heard of pee-pee tee pees?

  3. are you serious? never???
    we actually have p-p tee pees...really don't work so well but great idea in theory!

  4. That is hilarious. I see a few mentioned the peepee tee pees. I just bought a six pack of really inexpensive washcloths that I found at Marshall's. I kept them right by the wipes, so my little buddies new as soon as they laid down, it was diaper off, washcloth on, and then I had time to get the new diaper off and him cleaned up. It worked really well and saves on the cleaning...at least the cleaning of pee pee. lol Thanks for stopping by. I'm so jealous of your NYC address. I love it there.

    Your little guy is just precious!

  5. Hah. Hilarious. With my little boy that didn't happen much. I can't recall a few years ago but I believe I covered him up with something after the 1st time. I know there was a 1st time. Thanks for coming by and saying hello! I am from NY, just 20 min North of the city and worked there for a bit. I love saying hi to a NYorker.


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