Jan 7, 2009

One Armed Ninja...

I didn't realize being able to do everything with one arm was a skill, but it really is. I should know. See, I've been honing it to perfection over the past few months. Even Brett can now do everything with one arm. The only thing that differs between Brett and I is our technique.  I hold Oliver on my hip with my arm wrapped around his waist while Brett holds our boy like a football.

See, babies are considerate. They give you a choice:

A) Put me down and I'll scream bloody murder until you go psychologically mad.

B) Hold me forever and I won't cry.

Well, after you go psychologically mad, you quickly learn how to do everything with one arm.

Hold him and vacuum the apartment.
Hold him and search under the couch for the missing binky.
Hold him and check Facebook.
Hold him and brush your teeth.
Hold him and fluff the couch cushions.
Hold him and play Wii.
Hold him and cook Chicken Marbella.*
Hold him and blow-dry your hair.*
Hold him and give yourself a pedicure.*

The thing is, I don't really mind.  

I know I can't hold him forever and that right now, time, is completely precious. Soon enough he'll be squirming out of my arms so he can crawl the floor.  After that we'll eventually reach a point where he won't let me hug him in public or in front of his girlfriend.** 

So I'm not complaining.  


I will hold him for as long as he lets me.

*Expert ninja level only.
**By "Girlfriend" I mean "Girl that's a Friend."  


  1. Alexis, that is freaky. Even stranger is that I made Chicken Marbella for dinner last night. I kid you not!

  2. no way. chills! That is so weird!!!! Well, like I said, great minds think alike!

  3. And so weird that I brushed my teeth last night. Just kidding. Getting laid off gets me feisty! Sorry to hear what happened to you. I don't have a choice much though and can't miss out on pay that I am used to. Plus the little guy is 5 yo and in school so there is no one to be a SAHM to. Good luck!!!!

  4. So funny and SO universally true. Your Ninja level goes up with each kid you have...kind of like the Power Stars on Super Mario Brothers :) I have one specific move of which I am particularly proud of..and also pretty disgusted. :)


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