Jan 8, 2009

So Selfish...

It really is quite unbelievable.

First, you rent out your body for 9 months so he can grow.

Then, you deliver him, not exactly a painless task.

Then you feed him, burp him, change him, bathe him, dress him, soothe him, entertain him, swaddle him, sing to him, bounce him, carry him, and push him all over town.

Then you do it over and over and over again.  50 times a day.
For weeks, and weeks, and weeks.

And what do you get back?

Nothing.  Nada.  Zilch.

One day, somewhere in between feeding him, burping him, changing him, bathing him, dressing him, soothing him, entertaining him, swaddling him, signing to him, bouncing him, carrying him, and pushing him all over town, out of the blue he looks at you... and smiles.

And you realize, he's not as selfish as you thought.


  1. We've been getting some 'reward' smiles the past couple weeks from our nearly 4 month old. From 8pm to 11pm our son is exactly how you described!

  2. The smiles are the best! Sounds like our boys are around the same age! Thanks for stopping by!


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