Jan 5, 2009

Pack it Properly...

The day came to take Oliver to the pediatrician. My baby nurse was on to another job and I was on my own.  I was as nervous as I was excited. After reading about what would happen at this well-visit on the internet I felt thoroughly prepared. I fed him, diapered him and dressed him in his most adorable outfit.  I couldn't wait for the doctor to tell me what a cute sense of style Oliver had.  

I proudly walked the one mile to the doctor's office and sat patiently in the waiting room. Within moments, the nurse called Oliver's name and prompted me to undress him.  All of a sudden, Oliver belched and proceeded to vomit up half of his meal all over himself. So much for his most adorable outfit.

The nurse then took my naked baby and weighed him.  Afterwards she suggested I wrap him up in a blanket.  Of course, like a good mommy I listened. After all, I didn't want him to get a chill. Within seconds however, Oliver pooped twice followed by three encores of pee.  So much for the blanket.

After cleaning him up and re-diapering him the doctor entered.  She examined him and pronounced him a perfect 4-week old baby.  She then exited allowing me privacy to dress him.

I doted on the words "perfect 4-week old baby" as I reached for the diaper bag. 


I had no extra outfit. The thought hadn't even crossed my mind to pack one. I reached further into the diaper bag.  


I had no extra blanket.  I reached as far into the diaper bag as I could and pulled out one soiled burp cloth.  There had to be something else in there.  There just had to be. 

But alas, there was nothing. 

I had no choice but to use that disgusting burp cloth to cover my "perfect 4-week old baby."

Needless to say the mile home was awful. It was downright shameful. I mean, really, what kind of mom brings a naked baby home from the pediatricians office?

Now, every time I leave home, I have 2 back up outfits, 4 blankets, 15 diapers, 6 burp clothes, 3 pacifiers, extra wipes, bottle and formula.  Lesson learned.

And I never dress him "up" for the pediatrician.

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